As an Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva focused on finding and adopting solutions, not scoring political points. She authored legislation that was signed into law that is already benefiting Orange County, creating jobs, helping our veterans and making government accountable.


AB 701 (Vehicle License Fee Adjustment Account) – Provided Orange County with $53 million to settle a long-term dispute with the state and prevent severe budget cuts including reductions for public safety programs.

AB 466 (Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Funds) – Brought approximately $47 million in Federal funds to the Orange County Transportation Authority for projects that shorten commute times, lower air pollution and improve Orange County’s transportation system.


AB 1560 (California Competes Tax Credit Program Increase) – Increased by $25 million the amount of economic development funds available in the California Competes Tax Credit Program which gives tax credits to the California businesses which create the most jobs and wages.

AB 2389 (Aerospace Industry Tax Credit) – Expanded eligibility for tax credits to help California aerospace industry compete for defense contracts which would create more jobs in the state.

AB 674 (Microenterprises) – Helps microenterprises gain more access to government resources by providing training, technical assistance and microloans to the smallest business owners.


AB 1453 (The Orange County Veterans Cemetery Act) – Requires the California Department of Veterans Affairs to design, develop, construct, and equip a Southern California Veterans Cemetery in Orange County.

AB 13 (In-State Tuition for Veterans) – Required California state colleges to update their policies to help ensure eligible veterans and their qualifying dependents receive in-state tuition.

AB 2664 – (Military Family Relief Fund) – Established the California National Guard Military Family Relief Fund to provide financial aid grants to members of the California National Guard who have been called to active duty.

AB 1397 (State Civil Service: Veterans Preference Data) – Requires the state to collect and analyze data to ensure the program giving veterans preference in state hiring is working.


ACA 1 (Rainy Day Fund) – Created the bipartisan rainy day fund to make sure the state saves money when revenue jumps for use during down times and to repay debt.

AB 409 (Statement of Economic Interest Transparency) – Created a system for elected officials to disclose their economic interests online, reducing the cost to taxpayers and making it easier for regular citizens to access these reports.


AB 1733 (Homeless Fee Waiver Records) – Allows homeless individuals to get an identification card without a fee so they can qualify for assistance program. Read more about it!

AB 221 (Recycled Concrete) – Encourages recycling of returned concrete, reducing both landfill and carbon emissions.

AB 2454 (Non-minor Dependents: Reentry) and AB 2668 (Non-minor Parent Dependents: Parent Support Plan) – Legislation designed to help among the most vulnerable and needy in our society: Foster children and foster parents.