Sharon's Priorities

Sharon has been a classroom teacher for three decades. She knows a quality education is a right, not a privilege. Sharon supports increased funding, local control, and better access.
As the former Chair of the Assembly Committee on Jobs Sharon has fought to grow our economy, while addressing affordability from the housing market to the supermarket.
130,000 veterans call Orange County home. Sharon has been the leading voice to bring Orange County a National Veterans Cemetery to honor these men and women who fight in uniform.
Keeping us safe requires more than talk.  In 2013, facing severe budget cuts, Sharon stepped in, got Orange its fair share of vehicle license fees, and prevented reductions to public safety programs.
Traffic is more than an inconvenience. It is a disease that damages our economy and pollutes our environment. It’s time for California to invest in its infrastructure again.
California has cut the uninsured rate by more than half.  Sharon knows it’s not nearly enough. We need to continue to be an example of how to expand access to quality affordable health care.


Progress is never easy. But we’re not here for the easy fights.

Legislative Accomplishments


ACR 53 (Sober Graduation Month)- Encourages participation in alcohol and drug free graduation ceremonies.  

AB 584 (College Aid)- Establishes Orange County’s Student Opportunity and Access Program to help more students access high quality educational opportunities.

AB 490 (College Access Tax Credit)- Extends tax credits that reduce the cost of receiving a higher education.

AB 584 (Student Opportunity and Access) – Increases the accessibility of postsecondary educational opportunities for at risk students/areas in Orange County.

AD 136 (Varsity Blues Admissions Scandal)- Prohibits taxpayers found guilty in the recent college admissions scandal from benefiting by claiming a charitable or business tax deduction.



AB 1560 (California Competes Tax Credit Program Increase) – Increased tax credits available to the California businesses which create the most jobs and wages.

AB 674 (Microenterprises) – Helps microenterprises gain more access to government resources by providing training, technical assistance and microloans to small business owners.

AB 2687 (Small Business Disaster Preparedness) – Requires the Small Business Advocate better address the needs of California small business preparing for future disasters.



AB 1453 (The Orange County Veterans Cemetery Act) – Initiated the first step to establish a Southern California Veterans Cemetery in Orange County.

AB 2664 (Military Family Relief Fund) – Provides financial aid grants to members of the California National Guard who have been called to active duty.

AB 1733 (Homeless Fee Waiver Records) – Allows homeless individuals to get a free identification card so they can qualify for assistance program.

AB 363 (Veteran’s Designation) – Requires a veteran’s designation on California Driver’s licenses be provided free of cost to homeless vets.


Public Safety

AB 701 (Vehicle License Fee Adjustment Account) – Provided Orange County with $53 million to settle a long-term dispute with the state, preventing severe budget cuts including reductions for public safety programs.

AB 1459 (Murder of a Peace Officer) – Mandates that the murder of a peace officer shall be considered first degree murder.



AB 466 (Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Funds) – Brought approximately $47 million in federal funds to Orange County for projects to shorten commute times, lower air pollution and improve our transportation system.

AB 2654 (Orange County Infrastructure Improvement) – Allows the Orange County and the Orange County Flood Control District to deliver projects on a faster and more cost-effective timeline.


Health Care

AD 1045 (Drug Recalls) – Protects patients by requiring they be notified within 12 hours if compounded prescription drugs are recalled.

ACR 203 (Donate Life) – Encourages Californians to join the Donate Life California Organ and Tissue Donor Registry at the DMV.

AB 974 (Veteran’s Mental Health Care) – Requires better tracking of spending on mental health services for veterans.


AB 143 (Shelter Crises) Expands emergency housing to include homeless shelters and permanent supportive housing.

AB 1733 (ID Accessability) Requires DMV to issue IDs to homeless free of charge.

AB 139 (Emergency and Transitional Housing Act)- Updates strategies to long-term permanent housing for state’s homeless population.

AB 448 (Orange County Housing Finance Trust)- Creates a fund to allow Orange County to combat homelessness.

AB 139 (Emergency and Transitional Housing Act): Updates California Housing element to implement targeted strategies to create long-term permanent housing for the state’s homeless population.

AB 2265 (Mental Health/Substance Abuse)- Allows for additional funding to be used to provide treatment to persons suffering from both mental health and substance use disorders.

AB 363 (Homeless Shelters)- Creates framework to conduct annual inspections of homeless shelters.