Sharon Quirk-Silva believes elected officials need to be committed to doing more than just talking about the issues and trying to score political points. Sharon knows we have real problems that require real leadership and real solutions.


Sharon not only supports our public education system, she is a part of it, teaching elementary school for three decades. She knows a quality education is not a privilege. It is a right. That is why she supports specific, concrete steps to help all our students:

  • More Funding: In 2014 Sharon voted to increase spending on K-12 schools by more than $5 billion.
  • Local Control: In 2013 she voted for the Local Control Funding Formula, a new system which allows local educators to focus resources toward the needs of local students.
  • Better Access: College is a critical pathway to success, yet costs can quickly spiral out of control. That’s why Sharon was proud to co-author the Middle Class Scholarship Act which reduced the cost of a CSU or UC education by up to 40% for many students.


Anyone who lives in Orange County knows traffic congestion is more than an inconvenience. It is a disease that damages our entire community in many ways: from hurting our economy with lost time, to polluting our environment with cars left idling, to our pocketbooks with higher vehicle repair costs. In 2013 Sharon wrote AB 466 which brought nearly $50 million in federal funding to the Orange County Transportation Authority for projects that shorten commute times, lower air pollution and improve Orange County’s transportation system. As an Assemblymember Sharon would be a leader in finding new and creative solutions to ensure California makes the permanent commitment to investing in our infrastructure and restoring our roads and highways to their former glory.


Our economy continues to improve, but we still have a long way to go. Sharon believes government needs to be an aid, not a burden, to our state’s small businesses. That’s why she authored Legislation which added $25 million in tax credits for the California businesses which create the most jobs. The Fullerton Chamber of Commerce called the bill a “JOB CREATOR.” Sharon is strongly committed to defending Proposition 13, including fighting against so-called “split roll” taxes that hurt small businesses. “We commend Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva’s leadership on these important business issues,” said Lucy Dunn, President and CEO of the Orange County Business Council.


Sharon supported the Affordable Care Act. She also knew how important its implementation would be. That is why she worked with other elected officials to make sure California’s rollout was one of the most efficient and effective in the Country. She also supported beginning to undo the damage done due to recession-era cuts to public health programs including expanding Medi-Cal coverage for pregnant women and expanding access to health treatment for autistic children. More work remains and that is one reason we need Sharon back in Sacramento.



Sharon was proud to vote to put Proposition 1, the California Water Bond, on the ballot in 2014. In fact she joined Governor Jerry Brown at the Orange County Water District (OCWD) to promote the measure. Meanwhile her opponent not only opposed the bond, but also opposed $1.8 billion in additional funds to protect and expand local water supplies, conserve water and respond to emergency conditions despite being in one of the worst droughts in California history. Orange County deserves better.



For years, Orange County had been treated unfairly by the state, fighting giving the county its fair share of vehicle license fees. In 2013 we faced crises with severe budget cuts planned including reductions for public safety programs. Sharon stepped in to help settle the dispute and pass AB 701 which ensured our police and firefighters could stay on the job. Sharon has fought the hard fight to keep our communities safe.



More than 130,000 veterans call Orange County home. Sharon Quirk-Silva thinks they ought to have a National Veterans Cemetery close to home. So she authored AB 1453 which requires one to be built right here in Orange County. As the former chair of the Assembly Veterans Committee, Sharon Quirk-Silva also authored legislation to make sure the state honors its commitment to the men and women who fight in uniform, including making sure they are not unfairly denied in-state tuition and preference in state hiring.